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Imaginext® Mega Apatosaurus

3-8 years

  • Product Features

    Get ready for a MEGA adventure with the Imaginext® Mega Apatosaurus. With motorized action, it walks and roars like a real dinosaur! Plus, this one comes with cool transforming tech armor and cannons that fire at the press of a button! Kids will love placing the figure in the cockpit of the dino’s armor and pretending they’re in a cool futuristic world where dinos and humans live together. And when it’s time for classic dino play, just remove the armor (and the figure) and this cool dino is ready for any prehistoric adventure with its rotating head, moveable jaw and tail, and motorized action. Includes Mega Apatosaurus with motorized action, pop-up armor, two projectiles, and Imaginext® figure with armor. Requires 4 AA batteries.

    Curiosity & Discovery
    Kids will learn how their actions can have MEGA effects when they press the button to make dino WALK, roar, and fire cannons in battle mode!

    Imagination & Creativity
    Imaginations grow when kids create larger-than-life adventures in a world where dinos have cannons and armor!

  • Safety

    WARNING! Do not aim at eyes or face. Only use projectiles supplied with this toy. Do not fire at point blank range.

  • Customer Service

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