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Invite young guests and their dollies to a birthday tea party, and share the fun with everyone. Make miniatures of everything so the dolls can participate in the fun.
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Paper Dolls: Buy paper dolls and cut or punch them out. Write party details on the back of the doll. On the invitation, remember to ask each child to bring a favorite doll to the birthday party.

Tea packet: Buy decorative herbal tea packets. Write party details on a small card and glue the tea packet on the card.

Picture Poses: Cut out pictures of baby dolls and tea sets from toy catalogs and glue them to the front of a folded sheet of pink paper to make a collage. Write birthday party details inside.


Set small tables together in the middle of the party room and cover with a tablecloth featuring toys or dolls. Set up small chairs around the table.

Set dolls around the room and on the tables.

Place tea sets or small plates and cups on the tables. The dishes should be plastic or paper for the kids.

Cut out paper dolls and pictures of dolls and tape them to the walls at child's eye level.



Instruct guests to dress up in their very best clothes for a fancy tea party, or dress like their doll.

Make fancy hats or buy them at a party or costume store to top each guest's outfit! Another fun idea: let your guests select accessories from a dress-up bin, like boas, white gloves, high-heeled shoes and shawls to dress up. (Note: The kids can also play dress-up as a party activity.)


Guess the Cookie: Break a variety of cookies into pieces and place the pieces of each cookie in separate paper cups. Have party guests close their eyes, pick a cookie piece from a cup, taste it and try to guess the cookie.

What's Different about Dolly? Take each dolly out of the room for a moment and do something different to it, such as braid the hair, change the outfit, add some jewelry or remove the shoes. Bring the dolls back and have the party guests guess what changed!



Decorating Cookies: Bake a batch of cookies, but leave them plain. Set them on the table together with frosting, frosting tubes and candy decorations. Let guests decorate their own tea cookies. Or do the same with birthday cupcakes and call them Tea Cakes.

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After the party guests have frosted their cookies, let them gobble them up.

Serve a variety of sandwiches cut into small triangles.

Pour fruit-flavored herbal teas into tiny cups and serve with slices of orange or sprigs of mint.

Dolly Cake
  • Bake a cake mix in an oven-proof bowl according to package directions. Turn curved-side up and cool.
  • Insert a fashion doll into the middle of the cake.
  • Use a frosting tube with a star tip to cover the bust of the doll and the whole cake with frosting to form a fancy dress.
  • Decorate your doll birthday cake with frosting tubes to add details.
  • NOTE: Most Fashion Dolls are age graded 3 years and up.


Give guests toy tea sets and play food at the end of the birthday party.


Before the birthday party, place a plastic tarp under the table to protect the floor, especially if the table is in a carpeted room.